Vision and Mission Statement


SFS Coastal strives to be the brand of brands in the freight industry by ensuring a professional approach to business and developing a name that is respected throughout the industry by focusing on and improving our core competencies. 

Our objective is to become the service provider of choice to specific top brand companies. We endeavor to achieve this by being innovative, leaders in our chosen markets and by having an industry leading IT infrastructure that supports all facets of the business. 

By having staff who are motivated, productive, accountable and who have an ongoing sense of pride in their work. We will be the employer of choice in the industry.   

In achieving this SFS Coastal will offer the customer both peace of mind and complete customer satisfaction ensuring that we remain sustainable and profitable in the long term.


SFS Coastal will achieve its Vision by running an appropriately structured business offered with a national footprint and international delivery that is geared to under selling and over delivering of our services. We also have an infrastructure that provides product security to ensure customer peace of mind. 

Through our ongoing sales training program and a sales process that is pro actively managed to ensure leading edge achievables by our hands on leadership style, SFS Coastal will ensure that they exceed customer expectations. 

Proven operating systems and an efficient IT infrastructure allow for top class communication between all departments and clients thus allowing for effective running of the company. 

By managing the business with integrity and creating an environment whereby our staff feel secure in their future, SFS Coastal will ensure that our Vision is achievable in the long term.