How to place a Collection

  • To place a collection, please email collections@specialisedfreight.co.za.
  • Have your account number on hand.
  • Please note that your collection is not confirmed until you have received a reference number from the Call Centre.
  • Keep a record of the reference number.

How to fill out a waybill and sticker(s)

Services offered

  • Click here to view all the services offered.

Ensure your parcel is correctly packaged

How can I track my parcel via:

  • Website: Fast Track – click here
  • Website: If you are an Account holder – click here to login
  • Please note: You will need the waybill number to track any parcel
  • Alternately, please contact your nearest branch.

What classifies a parcel as being ready?

  • The waybill is completed.
  • The sticker is completed and stuck on the parcel.
  • The parcel is sealed and packaged correctly.
  • The delivery note/invoice is printed if applicable.

What is the procedure to abide by when my parcel is damaged?

  • Endorse the waybill – this means you have to specify on the waybill that is has been received damaged.
  • Contact the branch where your account is held.

What is the volumetric weight and how do I work it out?

  • Volumetric mass is the space that your parcel takes up in the vehicle proportional to its actual weight – the greater of which would be used for costing purposes. Multiply LxBxH (in cm) and divide by a factor of 5000

Why does my parcel have to be packaged?

  • In order to protect your and other customers parcels from being damaged.

Where do I find my account number?

  • Pre-printed waybills
  • Invoices
  • Statements

How soon must I phone for a collection?

  • The earlier the better. SFS has cut-off times for collections being placed – these cut-off times are area dependant. Please contact your branch to confirm area cut-off times.

Why do certain areas have earlier cut-off times?

  • There are certain areas that a driver only passes through once a day, sometimes that is in the morning.

I have ten boxes. How many waybills must I use?

  • If all ten boxes are going to the same destination then one waybill should be filled out, provided all the parcels are to be delivered on the same service type.
  • If they are going to two different destinations then two waybills should be filled out, etc.

Can I insure my parcel?

  • Please refer to our insurance page here where you can find all you need to know about insuring your shipment(s)